About us

Sharon Personal Care is a global supplier of innovative ingredient solutions for a broad range of personal care products – with specialized expertise in trending market segments. The company’s product portfolio includes unique preservative systems, delivery systems, building blocks, green functional chemistries, and natural active ingredients.

Our products

Multi-functional ingredient solutions and innovations that break through barriers across beauty and personal care.


Naturally and sustainably produced from safflower oleosomes, boasts a unique, continuous moisture delivery system that is an all-natural alternate to chemical emulsifiers and other irritating ingredients. Through delayed release of emollient oil and vitamins, it improves the aesthetics of all formulations (including alcohol hand sanitizers) and prolong the delivery of actives for unparalleled efficacy in personal care.


Texturizing and protective active ingredient for hair care, skin care and make up application. Thanks to its film-forming properties it shows several benefits.


Special combination of 5 different molecular weight hyaluronic acids, anti-wrinkle and moisturising complex.


The first and only vitamin-based multifunctional preservation system resulting from the search for new synergies.


The perfect synergy between a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and moringa proteins designed to offer a repair treatment for damaged hair.


Smart preservation designated for wet wipes. Broad spectrum preservation.

Connecting for Innovation


The passionate, talented people of Sharon recognize the need for collaboration with our customers’ commercial, R&D and formulation teams to consistently develop new ideas that meet emerging market trends.
By delivering science-based solutions that revolutionize personal care, we help customers bring new ideas to life in products that perform for and delight the consumer. We look to give our customers value in how we approach a formulation – from building the core components to developing impactful claims that we can help them make.

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A recognized innovative player in complex preservation systems, bio-actives, emollients, emulsifiers, surfactants and natural delivery technologies, Sharon Personal Care employs more than 100 people worldwide, with manufacturing and scientific facilities in Israel and Italy, as well as commercial offices in US, Germany and France.

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