Corporate social responsibility

Sharon Personal Care is committed to the world’s sustainability through its business activities.we care about the planet and have a solid foundation in environmentally sustainable chemistry. We believe in demonstrating leadership by example and invest in resources that minimize our environmental impact as well as ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees.

A strategy based on 3 key pillars

Sustainable Ingredients Design

Delivering innovative, safer and better, ingredients to the personal care market is our mission.
When we design a new product we take into consideration the impact to the formula, the skin, and equally important – to the environment, in aspects such as biodegradability, water saving and energy reduction.

Measuring what matters

We set goals for continuous improvement, and report on our progress.

Responsible, Sustainable Sourcing

100% of palm oil purchased is RSPO certified under the supply chain model RSPO Mass Balance. To manufacture high-quality products, we source many different ingredients from around the world, from synthetic materials to natural origin. We acknowledge sourcing of such materials can put pressure on natural ecosystems and affect the sustainability of our activities. Therefore, we are committed to responsible sourcing.

CRS performance

We are proud to be have GOLD rating as part of the ECOVADIS social responsibility program.
EcoVadis is one of the leading ratings companies in the world that measures the activity and conduct of business companies in four areas: environmental impacts, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

The GOLD rating places us among the top 5% of over 85,000 companies in our fields rated by EcoVadis.
This rating reflects the commitment and contribution of the Sharon Personal Care and all of its employees to the value of sustainability, to guaranteeing and maintaining the health and well-being of our employees and reducing negative environmental effects.

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