Wet Wipes

Preserving wet wipes presents aunique challenge due to their dual composition of formula and fabric, makingthem susceptible to microbiological risk. The microbiological risk is dueto the unique product characteristics of wipes, which contain both formula& fabric. External factors such as in-use habits are adding to thedifficulty, as well as the packaging. Safetyconcerns are especially high in wipes, as wet wipes are used for baby care andon sensitive areas. The industry is also facing a strong trend of “free-from”claims, which are limiting the choice of ingredients and preservation systems.

For the last 40 years, SharonPersonal Care has been a market leader in preservation systems and wipes. Our line of wipes offersa technological breakthrough by providinga solution that protects both the formula and the non-woven. Reach out to theSharon Personal Care team today to discuss how we can help you develop safe,effective wipes.  

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