Hair Care

It has been said that having a “good hair day” can improve your mood. At Sharon Personal Care, we have an extensive line of hair care ingredients that will allow everyday to be a “good hair day”.

Our hair care ingredients use the most innovative technology to improve hair texture, shine, combability and overall health of the hair. With over 40 years of experience delivering superior solutions for hair care products, Sharon Personal Care, specializes in the development of high-quality, innovative ingredients. We have an exceptional research team that understands market trends and the wants of consumers, which allows us to design more sustainable solutions. We have ingredients that are natural-like, sustainable, eco-friendly and COSMOS-validated that help minimize our carbon footprint.

Our portfolio contains a variety of hair care ingredients for use in cleansing, conditioning, nourishing and styling, all while keeping in mind the health of the hair. Let's collaborate and ensure you experience endless "good hair days" with our tailored formulations.

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