Sharon’s journey at INCOS GLOBAL 2024

An exciting journey at INCOS GLOBAL 2024 in Paris, celebrating excellence in the field of ingredient innovation. Interesting networking opportunities and engaging relationships with existing and new customers and partners.

Captivating news have been performed this year at booth 1K70 for SHARON PERSONAL CARE.


“Harnessing the power of vitamins for combined antimicrobial preservation & skin benefits”.

Sharon AquaVita®: a revolutionizing preservation system based on the power of vitamins to protect the formula and benefiting the skin at the same time, presented by our expert Paul Salama, Ph.D, Eng., CTO & Head of Innovation.

Paul Salama, Ph.D, Eng., CTO & Head of Innovation


Live training sessions on the latest launches have been presented by our Development Lab Manager, Daniela Petrò, who guaranteed on-site technical support and gave the possibility to try our innovative textures.

Daniela Petrò, Development Lab Manager


A focus on two innovative ingredients:

·       Sharohyal® Moringa offers synergy between a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and moringa proteins and is designed to offer a repair treatment for damaged hair. It creates a layer that simultaneously protects the hair fiber, provides natural moisture and seals the cuticle, repairing it from within and making it stronger.

Sharohyal® Moringa

·       Sharon Aquavita®, a patent-pending technology, is the world’s first vitamin-based multifunctional preservation platform. In this line, we utilize the remarkable benefits of Niacinamide and enhance it through a synergy mechanism to protect the formula, as well as benefiting the skin. The Novelty of the Science supporting Sharon AquaVita® is connected to the Synergistic effect between Niacinamide and carefully selected compounds identified in our research. These synergies allow us to turn Niacinamide into a mild, green, safe, and sustainable antimicrobial preservative solution

Sharon Aquavita®

Want to learn more? Stop at the next trade show.

Join us at Booth #745 at Suppliers'Day in NYC on May 1st and 2nd!


There is no place where Sharon isn’t.

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